Best of Show                         

#213    Renae Haddadin    “Ring Around The Rosie”

Best Solitaire                          

#140    Joanie Poole   “Treasures of Julia’s Life”

Best Combination              

#110    Jan Clarke / Renae Haddadin    “Flouris Hes”

Best Rookie                           

#161    Polly Holyoak    “Roses for Mary”

Art Pictorial   

1st Place             #150            Allisha Politis / Annette Lehman “12 Days of Christmas Chaos”


2nd Place            #221            Laura Lee Fogg   “Fogwoman”


3rd Place            #146            Jessica Schick  “Painted Pansies”

Conventional Machine

1st Place            #188            Chelsea Fitzgerald   “Katie’s Disney Quilt”

2nd Place            #227            Sandra Bourne   “Buttermilk Farms”

3rd Place            #164            Trudy Shipp   “A Rare Hare Stare”

Edge To Edge 

1st Place             #127            Loretta Painter “Lazy Daisy”

2nd Place            #170            Lin Law   “Spring Valley Log Cabin”

3rd Place            #129            Nancy Goldsworthy “Daisy Dash”


1st Place             #137            Linda V. Taylor / Cheri Meineke Johnson “Paisley On Parade”

2nd Place            #156            Charlotte Warr Andersen / Aubry Kae Andersen “Starcrossed”

3rd Place            #214            Renae Haddadin   “His Light Reflected”

Novelty Custom

1st Place             #132            Melissa Reyes “Mayan Magic”

2nd Place            #111            Kaye Evans / Renae Haddadin “Many Worlds of Sun Bonnet Sue”

3rd Place            #113            Kathy Young “Daniel’s Summit Mystery Quilt”


1st Place             #184            Kathy Ockerman / Kathy Blakley “Nova”

2nd Place            #122            Janet Carpenter “A Crazy Day In Paradise”

3rd Place            #202            Betty McPeters / Ann Collet   “Zazzy Bargello”

Traditional Custom

1st Place             #222            Leslie Randle   “Double Wedding Ring for Allison”

2nd Place            #187            Diane Johnson / Lauri Drean   “Celebration of American Life”

3rd Place            #167            Connie Sheffield / Shawna Wilde “Picture Perfect”

Wall Hanging

1st Place             #117            Kathy Blakley    “Summer’s First Kiss”

2nd Place            #201            Robin Orchard / Patsy Shelton “Spiral Lone Star”

3rd Place            #154            Linda Hibbert    “Peacock”

Whole Cloth   

1st Place             #212            Lisa Johnson “Floral Wreath”

2nd Place            #183            Kathy Ockerman / Bessie Bradshaw “Tablecloth Reborn”

Honorable Mention         

#112    Kaye Evans / Patsy Shelton   “Fractured Cat”


#131    Sherri Bain Driver   “Native Weave - Feathered Star”


#133    Karla Coombs   “Grandpa’s Ties”


#147    Jessica Schick    “Sunset Rose”


#180    Jan Tanner / Millie Olmstead    “Nocturnal Garden”


#182    Kay Oft / Juanita Wright   “Vintage Moments”


#194    Pat Hitchcox / Patsy Shelton   “Moon Glow”


#199    Cindy Paulson / Norma Larsen   “Stitched With Love”


#206    Sheila Jessop / Ann Collet   “Mini Sue”


#219    Pam Clark   “Floral Stain Glass”

For general attendee information, including exhibiting, class registration, etc. please contact Event Management at (801) 947-0526.  For information on instructing please contact Ann Collet at (801) 298-3844.  For information on the quilt competition please contact Patsy Shelton at (801) 782-4673.

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