Quilt Appraisal at HMQS 2006

Have those valuable quilts appraised! Find out the reasons for appraisal, the different types of appraisals and why it is important to have an appraisal. Linda Nicoson and Louise Price, the owners of Quilt Daters, will have a quilt appraisal booth at HMQS 2006. The Quilt Daters have the qualifications to provide this much needed service.

• Extensive Study and Classes in Appraising
• Members of American Quilters Society
• National On-line Quilters Group
• Members of Utah-Idaho Quilt Appraisers Study Group
• Teachers and Lectures
• Avid and Passionate Quilters

Each quilt will be visually evaluated, and information gathered, taking approximately
30-45 minutes per quilt. Additional research and assessments will be completed off-site.
The appraisal will be given in written form by mail to the quilt owner. The appraisal contains a description of the quilt, including pertinent information and value.

The appraisal fee is $35 per quilt.

4 or more quilts for one individual and the 5th appraisal - no charge.
Call now to secure your appraisal appointment time during the Vendor Mall hours.
Linda Nicoson (801) 499-1041 or (801) 546-9527
Louise Price (801) 430-6511 or (801) 444-0822

For general attendee information, including exhibiting, class registration, etc. please contact Event Management at (801) 947-0526.  For information on instructing please contact Ann Collet at (801) 298-3844.  For information on the quilt competition please contact Patsy Shelton at (801) 782-4673.

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