2015 Quilt Competition Entry Form

General Quilt Entry information for the show:

Use the below entry form to enter your quilt. *For information on filling out this form or if you would prefer to download a print copy of this form to mail in click here.

If you have multiple quilts to enter fill this out and choose your payment option to add to cart, then return here and enter your next quilt. You can pay for your entry fees all at once but quilts must be entered one at a time. If you choose return shipping for multiple quilts you will be contacted with an adjusted shipping price after the order is placed.

Cost of Entry:

Cost of entering is $15 per "Judged Quilt", or $5 per "Exhibit Only" quilt, plus insurance and return shipping (if applicable).

QSC Expos insures quilts up to $500 for a mandatory additional cost of $5. It is highly recommended that quilts over $500 in value be appraised and the owner has appropriate insurance to insure the quilt while in transit and at HMQS 2015. Quilts appraised at a value over $500 are the owner’s responsibility to insure. Shipping and shipping insurance costs are also extra.

The total cost for entry in the HMQS 2015 Quilt Competition is $20 per judged quilt or $5 for exhibit only quilts.

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