Special Exhibits

HMQS 2014 Featured Artist, Judi Madsen

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Special Exhibit & Trunk Show 12:30 p.m. Friday, May 9th on the Main Stage

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Just Call Me Modern by Judi Madsen
Just Call Me Modern Detail

Judi Madsen is a wife, mother of four, designer, longarm quilter and recent author of "Quilting Wide Open Spaces" published with AQS publishing. She began this quilting journey as an opportunity to finish her own projects. This love of quilting and designing soon consumed her life and after a couple of quilt shows she and her husband Clint realized the potential in making this their full-time business. Working together they have created a place to purchase pre-cut fabrics on their website greenfairyquilts.com and Judi works hard at becoming a better longarm quilter. Clint now runs the website and does everything from customer service, fabric ordering and all things business, while Judi designs quilts, writes patterns and quilts on the longarm. Judi blogs (greenfairyquiltsblog.com) to share her adventures in quilting. She feels like the luckiest person in the world to do what she loves each day she wakes up – the best part being that she can work at home during nap- and bedtime so she can be Mom to her children during the day!

The Value of Gears by: Judith Phelps

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Featuring: Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters Members: Patricia Andres, Pat Busby, Judy Eselius, Victoria Jones, Dianne Kane, Joanne MacNaughton, Carolanne Olson, Linda Reinert and Hedda Wright

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Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters is a book club for quilters organized in the Portland, Oregon area. In an effort to make more interesting quilts and to be motivated to get them finished this unique group of artists decided to challenge itself to make artwork inspired by literature. All members read the same book and each member then created a quilt using the book as inspiration. This special exhibit is a showcase of quilts all inspired by the book, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick. Be sure to visit their website, www.c2c quilters .com, to view all of the quilts they’ve made to date!

Square Corner Lonestar made by Connie Silliman

Square Corner Quilters

Featuring: Mothers of Job’s Daughters

Members Include: Lori Barnard, Teresa Garrett, Kathy Prestwich, Connie Silliman and Denise Smith

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Square Corner Quilters was formed by a group of seven former Job's Daughters moms who decided once the girls were older it was time to do something for themselves.

In early 2008 Lori Barnard and Teresa Garrett spearheaded the idea, visited other groups, found a location, wrote by-laws, recruited additional quilters and elected officers. The hardest part was selecting a name for the group. "Square Corner" refers to a much practiced series of footsteps a Job's Daughter learns as part of the processional floor routine. This floor routine is a significant part of each meeting, and sewing a "square corner" is a goal of every quilter.

Job's Daughters International is a Masonic Lodge organization for young women. One of the group’s traditions is to honor the leader with a gift of a memory quilt at the end of her six-month term. For many of the women, working with their daughters on her assigned project was the first time they had ever made a quilt. The women learned from each other, signed up for classes, picked out a lot of stitches and bonded with their girls. Their membership has always been open, including Jobie and non-Jobie mom members, but they have one common thread – they all love to laugh! Over the years they have made many charity quilts, hosted two quilt shows, and have enjoyed fun “sewing days” and retreats. The members think this group is the best gift they have ever given themselves. The new friendships and quilting tips they have shared are priceless. There are currently 20 members. Their recent charity projects included making quilts for male children at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Square Corner Quilters are looking for more new friends. Come join!

Quilter’s Rule Tool Challenge

Quilts of Valor, 2013 Quilter's Rule Tool Challenge

Featuring: Quilts of Valor and the WonderCut Ruler

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Quilter’s Rule is proud to support our men and women in uniform.
We created our tool challenge to:

  1. Increase awareness of the Quilts of Valor program
  2. Encourage and aid the making of quilts to be presented to our military service men and women.

The challenge is run in conjunction with Machine Quilting Today’s Upper Midwest Show and it is structured so the quilts will hang for the first time at the Upper Midwest Show. They will then travel with Quilter’s Rule for one year to shows for exhibit. Then at the next Upper Midwest Show, August 7-9, 2014, the quilts are presented to our service men and women during the auction to benefit our military. The tool used in the quilts currently on exhibit is the WonderCut Ruler. The tool for the next challenge, the Third Annual Tool Challenge, is the ThirtySomething Square Up. For more information please visit www.quiltersrule.com/toolChallenge/tool-challenge.html.

A Little Bit Biased

Square Dance, an original pattern by Amber Johnson

Featuring: Amber Johnson

Taught by her grandmother when she was newly married, Amber Johnson has been quilting for 15 years. She loves scrappy, happy quilts and shares her quilt making journey on her blog, A Little Bit Biased. Amber started designing quilt patterns in 2009 and named her company, Gigi's Thimble, after her dear grandmother. Amber's style is traditional with a hint of mod. She believes quilting should be an enjoyable, creative process and each finished quilt should make you smile. Amber's first book will be coming out in December 2014 with Martingale Publishing.

Barbara Walsh, HMQS 2014 Special Quilt Exhibit

Beautiful Results

Featuring: Barbara Walsh

Barbara Walsh, a Utah Valley resident, has been quilting for more than 35 years. She is an award-winning quilter who enjoys all aspects of quilting, but especially choosing colors and piecing. After 32 years as a classroom teacher, she loves teaching quiltmaking, especially to beginners. “Nothing is more fun than helping a new quilter achieve beautiful results,” she says. Barbara is a former president of the Utah Quilt Guild.

Sunflower by Liz Spannring

Fabric, Thread and Pins

Featuring: HMQS 2014 Quilt Competition Judge, Elizabeth Spannring

In 1990, Elizabeth began quilting after years of knitting, crocheting, gardening and clothing construction. A sewing friend presented her with a rotary cutter, a bag of calico scraps and yet another enthusiastic quilter was born! Her passion is machine quilting, silk dupioni wholecloth quilts and machine appliqué. Entering her first national show in 1998, her quilts have won awards at AQS Quilt Exposition, Pacific Northwest Quiltfest, International Quilt Festival, Quilter’s Heritage Celebration, Machine Quilter’s Exposition, Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, the National Quilting Association Show, Pacific International and Road to California.

Having attended the Northern California Quilt Council Judges Training in 2002, she pursued her involvement in judging and is currently a certified quilt judge both in the US and Canada. Southwest Washington is the place Elizabeth calls home, where her husband and five cats carefully maneuver their way through fabric, thread and pins.

Forgotton Treasures from the Collection of Peggy Andreasen

Forgotten Treasures

Featuring: Antique Quilt Tops collected by Peggy Andreasen

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A bit about this exhibit by Peggy Andreasen of Farr West, Utah, in her own words: My quilting passion is to collect vintage quilt tops or ‘Forgotten Treasures’ as I like to call them. The history and sentimental value is so interesting to me. I wonder about the effort it took to create each one. Was this a new quilter? Was this someone new to sewing? Where did the fabric come from – was it new or repurposed from old clothing? Were the tops made for strictly utilitarian purposes to keep someone warm or were they meant for a special occasion? My first Forgotten Treasure purchase was in the mid-1980s at a swap meet in Riverdale, Utah (Weber County). It was a beautiful, perfect, yellow and brown pieced, hand-stitched top. The seller was clearing out her Mother's estate and I paid only one dollar for the item. It was a wonderful find for me but I felt badly for the maker. I know there were many hours invested in piecing this quilt top. This was not just pieces of material sewn together. What had been forgotten was the woman who stitched these scraps and material together. She had left behind a story about herself; her heart, her choice of pattern and color preferences, as well as her sewing skills.

I continued acquiring more vintage quilt tops over the years for between $1 - $20 each. Most were purchased at estate sales and some were free. Some were Forgotten Treasures from members of my own family tree! What are the stories behind these quilt tops? For some reason these quilt tops were put away and never finished. I can spend hours looking at my quilt tops wondering about their histories and the love and time which went into making them. My goal is to have all these Forgotten Treasures quilted into the wonderful quilts they were intended to be.

Every quilt top deserves to be quilted.

Fran & Joe Ogden on their Honda Goldwing 1800

Shop Hop on a Honda Goldwing

Featuring: Fran Ogden and the Council High Textile Class Supporters

Fran and her husband, Joe Ogden, like to travel on a Honda Goldwing 1800 pulling a pop-up camper. Last Year they took a trip that lasted two months, covered over 10,000 miles and 29 states. Fran is a quilter and has been a textiles teacher for 45 years. While she loves the trips and the motorcycle, it would have been impossible for her to give up fabric for two whole months so she bought two yards of tone on tone or batik fabric in each state they were in.

When they returned home Fran gave six inches of each of the 29 fabrics to friends who had helped the students in the textiles program at Council High School over the past 10 years. She asked each friend to make a quilt using all of the fabrics in some way. This was a challenge as some really did not appear to go together. The only other rule was they couldn’t show their quilt to any of the other quilters until they all got together for a “Big Reveal” party in mid-January. Not one quilt has turned out anything like the others. Fran and Joe are planning another trip this summer. Once it’s complete they will have been in all 48 lower states with the motorcycle – and of course she’ll be collecting more fabric along the way.

Carmen Geddes, HMQS 2013 Teacher of the Year

HMQS 2013 Teacher of the Year, Special Showcase

Featuring: Carmen Geddes

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Carmen Geddes was raised in a large family and learned to love quilts at a very young age. Her love of quilts and people are the perfect combination to be a teacher. Her motto of “It may look hard, but it’s actually EASY” rings true in her teaching style and the products she promotes. Carmen teaches at retreats and quilting shows all over the country. Last year she was named HMQS 2013 Teacher of the Year. Carmen resides in Eagle Mountain, Utah with her husband Patrick. They have raised five children and are enjoying their eight beautiful grandkids.

Forever Green, a Kaffe quilt, quilted by Carole Lifferth

Kaffe and Friends Exhibit 2014

Featuring: Kaffe and Friends Quilt Group

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It is such an exciting time when a group of 15 or so ladies can get together once a month to learn tips on piecing and appliqué. This group has explored one designer in particular, Kaffe Fassett. It’s been rewarding to use his fabrics and discern how best to put them together with other designers’ fabrics such as Amy Butler, Phillip Jacobs, Lonni Rossi, and Brandon Mabley. Each month Kaffe and Friends meet to learn tips for choosing fabrics, and commentary often revolves around the challenge of learning to do precision piecing, taking time to cut carefully and sewing an accurate ¼” seam, and how this attention to detail makes the end product so much better. Pressing while assembling the blocks is always a subject for discussion and “Show & Tell” time is always a big hit. Classes are held at My Heritage Fabrics in Ogden and Elaine's Quilt Block in Salt Lake City the first weekend of each month.

The quilters are encouraged to embark on their own journey and explore their own path in this quilting world rather than make a copycat of the quilt in Kaffe’s book or the teacher’s quilt. The class is for one year, demo only, and runs from January to December with plans to hang the quilts in the HMQS show the following spring.

This year the group worked on a medallion quilt and each one of the quilters put their own individual touches on the pattern. Kaffe and Friends have had five wonderful past exhibits and the exhibit in 2014 looks to be just as exciting!

Pine Burr, Pieced by Michelle Hansen, Quilted by Kaylene Parry

A Journey into the Big Beautiful World of Quilting

Featuring: Michelle Hansen

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Michelle Hansen has enjoyed a long-lived passion for quality sewing. As a child her creations included clothing and quilts. As a young girl she worked in her family owned dry cleaners and learned quickly how to mend clothes, sew zippers and many more essential skills. After her marriage, along came children which brought a newfound necessity to sew for the ever-changing shapes and sizes of her four children. When she finally purchased a sewing machine of her own, she impressed the shop owner so much she began offering instruction to customers about the sewing machines, specialty feet and other accessories and techniques. As the store began branching out into the quilting world, Michelle launched full force into what she calls her "journey into the big beautiful world of quilting."

Patriot, Pieced by Joyce Hailes, Quilted by Carol Poulsen

Stitch “N” B's Quilting Group

The Stitch “N” Bitches, or the Stitch “N” B's, was put together by a group of women located on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley. They have been sewing together at Floyd & Lizzie's and although they have not been a group for long they really enjoy getting together to quilt. They also belong to guilds on the east side of the valley.

One of the special quilts featured in this exhibit was made by Joyce Hailes for her son who was in Iraq. He was Army, but was injured and discharged. Later he went back over as a firefighter. It has the Gettysburg Address and the Preamble to the Constitution on the back and around the edges. See this quilt and others by the group in the special quilt display area.

On-Pointer Sisters Round Robin, by Nina Cook
On-Pointer Sisters

On-Pointer Sisters Quilt Group - Round Robin Challenge

Group Members: Francine Berrett, Helen Butler, Nina Cooke, Megan Legas, Rose Mary Pack, Barbara Walsh and Sharon Wright

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We are just a group of friends who, while on a winter retreat, thought a challenge sounded fun.

We decided on one rule for this Round Robin Challenge: Once a quilt left our hands we didn't get to see it again until the end. It was a very fun, challenging, learning experience. The quilts were all so different! It was a great drafting exercise. In the end each person finished her own quilt as she wished, adding a final border, or not, making additions, or not. The best part is having a quilt that was a reflection of many dear friends, their styles, favorite techniques, and loving labor. An all around great experience and great memory!