Bobbie Bergquist
Rindge, NH

Quilt First Color Later...

Celtic Ink Work Designs
Bobbie & husband, Joel are quilt makers, manufacturers and educators, who keep things simple, quick and fun. She wanted to make a stained glass quilt; Joel created her fabric.

Traveling, they meet quilters from all over the world and through exposure to 35 shows a year, they gain insight into trends, keeping classes, products, workshops, seminars, and lectures on the cutting edge. Bobbie’s physical and medical limitations meant she had to simplify techniques.

What was a necessary modification for one, made quilting easier and less stressful for all. Bobbie brings these talents into the quilting world by modifying popular traditional quilting methods—making them easy to perform.


Bobbie's Classes at HMQS

Quilt First Color Later:
How to color quilts after they are quilted

Wed. May 6, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM | 136-W | $85.00

Level: All, Hands-On | Category: Dyeing/Painting

Learn to color on quilts even after they have been quilted without color bleeding into the batting and backing. We will teach you to color quilts, or blocks that you have quilted with digitized programs or created free hand. You will also learn how to use inks to color fabric and prevent bleeding add color and dimension to quilts that you previously felt lacked color or shading. You can also repair quilts that had been damaged and match colors flawlessly.

Kit includes: Pre-quilted 12” x 12” block (68 designs to choose from): Tsukineko Ink; work sheet and 6 pack of fantastic applicators. Other colors can be purchased after class @ $3.45 for colors and $4.20 for gold, copper, silver, frost white, champagne mist and black pearl. There are 45 colors available. Full kits of remaining 39 colors can be ordered prior to class at the special show price of $122.00. Please e-mail requesting these ink kits. These will not be available in class unless previously ordered.

Bring to class: Smock or old clothing. Bring latex gloves if you don’t want to get ink on your hands, (ink is water based and cleans up with soap and water), trash bag, paper towels, tooth picks, can of shaving cream (lightly or unscented if possible, Dollar Store works best) plastic coffee stirrer from fast food restaurant, popsicle stick or similar tool, small paint brushes, or any other tool you would like to experiment with. Contact Joel or Bobbie at if you have any questions regarding this class.
Celtic Ink Work Designs

Thurs. May 7, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM | 201-T | $45.00

All, Hands-On | Category: Dyeing/Painting

Do you love Celtic designs? Can you trace? Can you color between the lines? Would you like to create 18” blocks that look like smaller blocks that have been pieced yet are one piece of fabric? Create intricate Celtic Blocks with a piece of fabric and a Fabrico Ink Pen. If you use only 20 (18” x 18”) blocks with a 9” overhang will give you a Queen Quilt that covers the pillows and has a 10” overhang. Blocks can be used for quilts, clothing, pillows, bags and more. See it on Ink Work Video.

Kit includes: Fabric, pattern, Fabrico Pen and printed directions.
Student supply list: Black sharpie, pencil, eraser and ruler. Email with any questions regarding this class or class supplies.