Lisa Calle
Pottstown, PA

Oh Yes you Can, Feathers
for the Timid

The Quilt as Desired Conundrum

Divide and Design

Totally Template
With a degree in Textile Management and Marketing, Lisa found a love on the other side of textiles....the artistic side. Never thinking of herself as creative, everything changed once she drove her first longarm.

Along her journey she has produced award winning quilts, DVDs, the Quilters Groove line of templates and found she loves to inspire others.

The friendships she’s made along the way are just as priceless as the quilts she creates.


Lisa's Classes at HMQS

Oh Yes you Can, Feathers for the Timid

Fri. May 8, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM | 301-F | $50.00

Level: Beginning, Hands-On | Category: Drawing/Design

Are you just beginning your quilting journey and have a love of feathers but feel they are out of reach? Come join Lisa as she shares with you the first 5 feathers she learned to quilt and just how easy and fun they are to execute and embellish. You are sure to find your own personal feather and will be WOWing your friends and customers in no time. This is for the true beginner.

Handout includes: Template, tracing paper and pencil.
The Quilt as Desired Conundrum

Fri. May 8, 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM | 325-F | $40.00

Beginning, Demo/Lecture | Category: Drawing/Design

Quilt as Desired... really, that’s all they’re giving me? Bring those tops that have you befuddled or even a photo and we will discuss the numerous ways to bring them to life, whether you are looking for simple or out of this world WOW. Let your fellow quilters help you out with their recommendations as well as mine. You’ll walk away with oodles of ideas to choose from... then it’s up to you to choose.

Student supply list: Bring a quilt top or photo of one. A notebook and pen, if you would like to take notes.
Divide and Design

Fri. May 8, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM | 332-F | $82.00

Level: Intermediate, Hands-On | Category: Drawing/Design

Have you ever stood in front of a quilt and wondered how the quilter came up with the designs on the quilt? In this class, Lisa will show how to approach the design process in a whole new way. Divide large areas of your quilt into manageable small spaces to create quilting designs that will make your quilt top sing.

Handout includes: 2 paper templates, large tracing paper tape and pencil.
Totally Template

Sat. May 9, 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM | 415-S | $110.00

Level: Beginning, Hands-On | Category: Longarm

Lisa relies on quilting templates to make the most of her complex and dynamic quilting designs. But using templates and rulers to stitch straight lines and perfect curves can be daunting. Join her as she shares her insider’s knowledge on how to use them. You will leave this class with a solid knowledge of how to make the most of templates and work with them with confidence. This is a beginner template class.

Handout includes: Fabric and batting.