Myrna Ficken
Saint George, UT

Need Ideas?
How Do I Quilt This?

Fill Er Up Backgrounds

Myrna is a generous and gracious educator who sincerely enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

Her enthusiasm for the art and her dynamic personality are contagious and bring a positive sense of energy to all of her classes and gives her students confidence.


Myrna's Classes at HMQS

Need Ideas? How Do I Quilt This?

Thurs. May 7, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM | 225-T | $35.00

Level: Beginning, Lecture/Demo | Category: Quilting

Bring your tops that have you stumped and at a loss. I'll share my ideas for quilting them. You will be amazed once you see it through different eyes and get your creativity rolling. You've seen quilts hanging at shows and said, "I would have never thought of that or what a great way to do this". Bring those tops; I have so many ideas to energize your imagination. Time is limited and we will look at as many as possible.

Student supply list: Quilt tops and camera.
Fill Er Up Backgrounds

Fri. May 8, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM | 315-F | $145.00

Level: Confident Beginner, Hands-On | Category: Longarm

In class we will work on a modern piece filling and connecting open spaces, working in circles and around applique, mixing and matching. We will draw the designs and then stitch them out. We will also do couching with the machine. If you don’t get your piece finished in class you can finish it at home.
Kit includes: Quilt top and back, batting and thread.

Student supply list: Sketchbook and pencils.